WhatsApp is giving itself 3 more months to convince users.

No accounts deleted or suspended on February 8, 2021

WhatsApp announces that no account will be “suspended or deleted on February 8, 2021”. Until now, the app has asked its users to agree to the new terms of service by February 8. This validation of the T & Cs and the privacy policy was mandatory to continue using WhatsApp.

An update postponed for 3 months

The update of the T & Cs and the privacy policy is not cancelled. It is simply postponed for 3 months. WhatsApp wants to collect user consent “before new options for professionals are available on May 15”. WhatsApp is going backwards to move forward better.

The exodus of users to Signal

Since the beginning of January, WhatsApp asks users to validate the updated terms of use. It is particularly a question of data sharing between WhatsApp and Facebook. Many users misunderstood the consequences of this update and turned to other solutions like Signal or Telegram.

WhatsApp wants to do pedagogy

Many elements can explain this misunderstanding, which led WhatsApp to launch a communication campaign and then postpone the deadline for 3 months. WhatsApp now wants to “help everyone understand [the] principles and facts” and will “gradually turn to users so that they can consult the privacy policy at their own pace

WhatsApp cannot see your messages

In other words, WhatsApp wants to do pedagogy by recalling several properties:

  • End-to-end encryption means neither WhatsApp nor Facebook can see your private messages
  • Message and call history is not kept by WhatsApp
  • Shared location cannot be seen by WhatsApp
  • Contacts are not shared with Facebook

Regarding the changes to its terms of use, WhatsApp also recalls that “this update is not used to increase [the] ability to share data with Facebook”. To better understand how messaging apps access your data, you can check out our comparison of the security levels offered by WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, Olvid, Skred, Threema, Wire and Viber.

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