Every website on the internet has issues related to search engine optimization, design, user experience, user interface, and all. If you wish to improve your website for various aspects, such as organic ranking, design, and user experience, you don’t have to hire a website auditor or expert. Instead, you can use websites auditing tools to check the possible improvements and issues on your website. Nowadays, we have various artificial intelligence tools to analyze a website for errors and issues. These tools also automatically fix the ongoing issues or suggest you take action to fix a problem.

After using these tools on your website, you will notice improvements in your website’s visitors, performance, and quality.

Let’s discuss these Auditing tools without wasting any time.

1. Nibbler

It is one of the most significant tools to manage your website and check what you can improve. It uses a bot to scan your website for ongoing issues and to gather information about your website. Since it doesn’t utilize browser scan but a bot for scanning your site, Nibbler doesn’t affect your Google Analytics and webmaster data.

It is a website auditing tool and provides a perfect user interface where you will get all the data about your website. It will show you all critical and minor errors. You will get suggestions to improve your website in many ways after scanning your website with this tool. We highly recommend you to go with this tool to enhance your website in every single way.

2. Site checker

Do you wish to fix your website codes and overall design? If yes, then Sitechecker is a cloud application to audit your website code. It allows users to view their website’s codes in an organized manner so that users can make changes to the codes if they find something irrelevant and unnecessary. Generally, useless and unnecessary codes can make your website slow and less optimized for search engines. Do you know that Google only prefers websites that have a good combination of codes and content? If your website has more codes than content, then Google will not prefer your site while ranking for your business keywords.

It will automatically fetch and detect all errors on your website and will warn you about them. You will be able to fix the website’s coding using this tool very easily, even if you do not have much knowledge about website designing. Whatever web design language you have used on the website, it will work with all of them.

3. eRanker

It is a website rating tool, and its main job is to check your website for its performance efficiency and other aspects. Your website will get scores as per its maintenance and condition. It will score your website out of a hundred, and the more score your website gets, the better your website is in terms of performance and other aspects.

It will show warnings and suggestions when there is something wrong with your website’s performance and search rankings. It may also show recommendations for your website to make it even better for search results and other items.

4. Hubspot Tools

It’s another tool to track your website and other things that can affect your online marketing overall results. It will optimize and audit your website from your target audience persona. It will check the speed, performance, responsiveness, efficiency, and security of your website. It will also fix your website’s issues and other things. It will also rate your website as per its efficiency and overall condition out of a hundred. This tool is absolutely free, and that’s the thing that we loved about it. Just enter a URL of any website that you wish to check, and it will show you quick results. Using this auditing tool, you can also check your competitor’s websites’ performance and efficiency by putting their URL into this tool.

5. Web.com

If you wish to get a short investigation of your website’s performance and efficiency, wap.com is a perfect tool to audit your website. It will also score your website according to its algorithm out of 100. It will check your website design for all kinds of devices and tell you if there is an issue with coding and responsiveness. It will tell you everything that is wrong with your website. However, it lacks the power of suggestions regarding how to improve your website in a particular aspect. The only thing it will provide you with is the information regarding the errors your website has. It is one of the most useful and easy to use website auditing tools.


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