You must have come across both these terms, i.e., Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing. There are so many people who are confused between both these terms. They want to know whether these terms and same or their meaning is different. If you were looking for the same answer, this article is meant for you. Before explaining you the answer, let us discuss the meaning of both these terms.

social media and Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing

You must have used social media applications like Instagram, LinkedIn, Connected India, etc. All these applications enjoy millions of users daily. If you have looked at these applications carefully, you must noticed that there are so many advertisements related to products or services. Al these advertisements that you see on Social media applications are a result of Social Media Marketing.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is promoting products and services to create a share in the global consumer market. There are so many types of Digital Marketing. For a lay man, Digital Marketing is just like any other form of marketing, the only difference being the things are done digitally and not in any other form. The advertisements you see on T.V, websites, etc., are all part of digital marketing.

The Relation

As you are aware of the meaning of Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing, it would now be easy to answer your question. Social Media Marketing is done using Social Networking Sites, hence all the things under this head are done digitally which makes it part of Digital Marketing. Hence, all those people who are busy finding out the different between Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing, they must understand that the latter is a part of former.

Social Media Marketing has evolved a lot over these years. Earlier, companies only had a few social networking sites with limited consumer market. However, with innovation in technology, we now have many more social media applications and social networking sites that enjoy millions of audience daily. Hence all those companies who are busy promoting their products and services using these platforms can enjoy a huge share in the global consumer in a very short period of time.

Another type of Digital Marketing strategy that works perfectly with Social Media marketing is SEO i.e., Search Engine Optimization. SEO has made it easy for the companies to reach out to millions of users organically. Since organic traffic is the best form of traffic, it gives companies an effective platform to influence new customers and retain the old ones using these strategies.

However, this article was meant to inform you the relation between Digital Marketing and Social Media marketing. We hope that you must have understood the relation between both these terms. There is no difference between both these terms. Rather both of them are executed to get the same results, i.e., attracting more and more social media users and engaging them. Do let us know if you have any doubts on this topic. We will be happy to clear them for you.

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