While purchasing the right Antivirus software for their device, buyers keep in mind various factors like features, pricing, users’ reviews, tech support, and many other essential services. This blog will give some insight into two of the best Antivirus available today – McAfee and Quick Heal.


Starting with the credibility, both Quick Heal and McAfee are winners of the ”Most popular” award by Software Suggest for their overall performance. Although the experts approve of them both, you can still compare them based on different factors that suit your requirements.


One can purchase Quick Heal at half the cost of McAfee, but the services that McAfee offers can surpass the pricing factor. McAfee offers various features like parental control, Anti-Spam, password manager, encryption software, etc., that are not provided by Quick Heal.


Some of the similar software features are Internet Security, Vulnerability scanning, IP protection, and Spyware removal. Still, McAfee takes the upper hand by providing few extra features like an Intrusion detection system, Web traffic reporting, deleting or repairing infected files, and many other features.


Many of you must be using more than one device, and the security of each device is required. While McAfee is compatible with

Windows, Web App, Android, and iOS. Quick Heal hasn’t revealed its compatible platform, which makes it a risky option.


Quick Heal offers just one Quick Heal Internet Security package, while McAfee provides three packages, Antivirus Plus, Internet Security, and Total Protection. With McAfee, you will get more options to choose from. The more the options, the easier it will become for you to choose according to the requirement.

Customer Support

Both McAfee and Quick Heal provides customer support via mail, call, or chat. One can call them during a particular period of the day and resolve their queries. The expert team will be ready to help and guide you regarding any matter.

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